What if everything we thought we knew about student success was wrong? What if student success was more about work and effort than about ability? What if the achievement gap was more about adult attitudes than about student ability?

Students are capable of much more than we ever believed possible, but it takes a group of dedicated, committed, and skilled professionals to ensure that each and every student in our school has the support and encouragement needed to succeed.

In this workshop, school leaders will learn how to:

  • Create a school culture of success in which it is difficult to fail
  • Create a culture of high expectations
  • Put the focus on what students learn, not what teachers teach
  • Develop a shared commitment to student achievement
  • Adopt a model of instruction that all teachers can use daily
  • Create a warm, inviting, personalized classroom environment
  • Have a clear picture of what good instruction looks like
  • Differentiate the approach to teacher development
  • Create a culture of shared responsibility for student outcomes
  • Make the most of instructional time
  • Give meaningful feedback to teachers
  • Develop a plan for every student

Audience: Principals, Assistant Principals, Teachers, and Teacher Leaders

Length: Keynote, Breakout, Full-day Workshop (recommended)

Resources: Breaking Ranks II, Breaking Ranks in the Middle, Breaking Ranks: A Field Guide for Leading Change, On the Front Lines of Schools

ACEL Alignment: Leadership, Vision and Mission, Teaching and Learning, Culture