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Leadership Matters

Leadership Matters

Leadership matters. That's no news to NASSP, NAESP, or the nation's 100,000-plus principals and assistant principals - but it may be to other school stakeholders, who sometimes underestimate the importance of school leaders and consequently exclude them from discussions about school improvement. At the same time, new test-score-based principal evaluation tools and lackluster principal preparation programs demonstrate that education policymakers still consider principal professional development a low priority.

No more. "Leadership Matters," a joint NASSP/NAESP report compiling years of compelling research on school leadership, aims to debunk once and for all the notion that principals and assistant principals have only a tangential effect on student and school success. The conclusion is clear: School leaders are a vital component of successful school environments, and their voices deserve to be heard.

Please read the full report and share its message with stakeholders to help reinforce to them the importance of the principal's role.


What the Research Says About the
Importance of Principal Leadership
What is Leadership?
How Much Does it Matter?
How Much Does it Matter?
Can We Succeed Without It?
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