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NASSP on the Social Web

NASSP on the Social Web

School Leadership Network - edWeb.net

NASSP's School Leadership Network is an online community on edWeb.net for principals, aspiring principals, and other school leaders. Engage in professional discussions with your colleagues from across the country, share thoughts and resources, and build your professional network.

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Join Patti Kinney, NASSP Associate Director of Middle Level Services, as she starts the discussion on all the latest in educational leadership at facebook.com/principals.
Follow @NASSP, the official tweets of NASSP, as well as @PrincipalDiff, the tweets of NASSP's Mel Riddile, and @PLeditor, the tweets of Principal Leadership editor Jan Umphrey.
NASSP's LinkedIn group is a growing community of education leadership professionals. Join today to begin networking and interacting with school leaders across the country.
Let the experts at NASSP help you find the content you need. Save time and avoid information overload as Mel Riddile curates content for you on Scoop.it.
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