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May 2013 - MetLife Foundation-NASSP Breakthrough Schools

May 2013 - MetLife Foundation-NASSP Breakthrough Schools



Breaking Ranks in Action: Personalization and Student Gains

By Dianne Mero and Marlene Hartzman


Christel House Academy
The Art and Science of Teaching

Clarke Central High School
One Student at a Time

Fossil Ridge Intermediate School
Restructure the Culture - Transform the School

Gervais High School
100% Committed to Excellence

Native American Community Academy
The Power of Embracing Culture

Norview High School
Leadership Fosters Achievement

San Ysidro High School
An Invincible Sense of Promise

Scott Morgan Johnson Middle School
Personalization Leads to Unlimited Success

Southmoreland Middle School
A Model of True Collaboration

Trenton High School
Attitude Builds Community


Web Only

Strategic Safety
School Security Q&A
By Judy Brunner and Dennis Lewis

May 2013 Discussion Guide
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Cases in Point
Further Study
By Kelley R. Taylor, Esq.

Student Services
Is Your School Prepared for a Sexting Crisis?
By Morgan J. Aldridge, Susan C. Davies, and Kelli Jo Arndt

Instructional Leader
Sponge Activities: Using Every Last Minute
By Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

A Sense of Humor
Respect Isn't Enough: Write Me a New Theme Song
By Gina Barreca



Peer to Peer
From the Editor
By Jan Umphrey

May 2013 Bulletin Board

Holiday Special