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Print Resources

This section lists resources available in print (and online in certain cases) that focus on anti-bullying strategies, and provide help in preventing, recognizing, and regulating bullies and bullying behavior in schools.


  • A ‘Watershed’ Case in School Bullying
    USA Today - April 4, 2010
    This article includes suggested causes for increasing amounts of bullying along with profiles of headline cases involving bullying.
  • Mean Girls: “What Happens When Mean Girls Grow Up”
    Washington Post magazine - Feb. 20, 2011
    Laura Sessions Stepp, a former Washington Post staff writer and a senior media fellow at the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, examines the transition of a group of young women in Northern Virginia as evolve from "mean girls" in high school to young adults.
  • New Perspectives on School Safety and Violence Prevention
    Educational Researcher - January/February 2010
    The January/February 2010 edition of the American Educational Research Association's Educational Researcher journal examines the issue of school safety and violence prevention, with articles from leading education researchers on bullying, school shootings, and discipline.
  • Five Strategies to Prevent your Sensitive Son from Being Bullied
    This article by Dr. Ted Zeff, noted author of The Strong, Sensitive Boy: Help Your Son Become a Happy, Confident Man, provides information and strategies for parents with highly sensitive boys (HSBs).
  • Efforts to End Bullying, A Challenge to Leaders, Gain New Momentum (subscription req.)
    Education Week - May 2010
  • 10 Ways to Move Beyond Bully Prevention (And Why We Should) (subscription req.)
    Education Week - March 2008
  • Books at Work
    Principal Leadership
    - January 2006
    This article discusses a literature-based character education program at the school district of Hillsborough County in Florida. The district recently developed a comprehensive management plan in response to the much-publicized school violence of recent years. The plan included lesson plans and topics that could be used in a K-12 setting, some of which used literature as a tool for incorporating character education in the classroom.
  • It Begins with a Conversation
    Principal Leadership - September 2010
    Eliminating digital harassment and cyberbullying begins with talking to the school community about the behavior and its consequences.
  • Tattling Ends but Bullying Continues
    Principal Leadership - February 2008
    This article discusses the role of principals in helping their school communities become aware of the complex bullying problem, and confront and overcome several of the challenges associated with bullying at the secondary level. The article also presents a list of 10 bullying prevention strategies for secondary schools.
  • Ten Strategies to Address Bullying
    Principal Leadership - May 2007
    Bullying is not a disaster or an emergency, but it threatens students’ physical and emotional safety.
  • Cyberbullying
    Principal Leadership
    - September 2008
    In this article, the author discusses: (1) what is cyberbullying; (2) cyberbullies and victims; (3) consequences of cyberbullying; and (4) what schools can do to prevent and respond more effectively to cyberbullying.
  • When Students Make Threats
    Principal Leadership - April 2010
    In regard to threat assessment and threatening behavior, the author of this article stresses that a trained team, a clear and fair process to evaluate the seriousness of the concerns and develop intervention plans, and a way to document the concerns are all part of good prevention efforts for the school and community.
  • Eliminating Bullying: A Legal Imperative
    Legal Memorandum - Winter 2008
    Recent incidents of school violence have brought bullying to the nation’s attention in a dramatic way. Given the frequency of bullying, the number of students involved, and the degree to which their education is affected, educators have powerful incentive to eliminate bullying from schools.
  • Addressing Bullying: Policy and Practice
    Principal Leadership
    - September 2010
    To create safe learning environments that foster student success, principals, staff members, stakeholders, and community members must make efforts to develop and support environments where bullying is considered unacceptable and is not tolerated.
  • A Customized Campaign Against Bullying
    Principal Leadership - September 2005
    Delivering a powerful anti-bullying message to middle school students is a challenge for middle level administrators, their staff members, and their students. However, there are many options to tackle this challenge. The Neff Sixth Grade School has successfully implemented a new program, which engages students in writing a school-specific play about bullying.
  • School Solutions for Cyberbullying
    Principal Leadership
    - February 2009
    This article offers solutions and steps to prevent cyberbullying. Schools can improve their ability to handle cyberbullying by educating staff members, students, and parents, and by implementing rules and procedures for how to handle possible incidents. According to the article, having clear rules and expectations, including potential consequences in writing and signed by students and parents, gives schools more options for responding to cyberbullying problems.
  • Still the One
    Principal Leadership - February 2011
    A new letter from the federal government highlights the implications of harassment for students’ civil rights.


  • National Professional Resources, Inc.: Bullying Prevention
    An extensive collection of books, reference guides, DVDs, and other resources for school leaders and teachers focused on bullying prevention.
  • 10 Days to a Bully-Proof Child
    Sherryll Kraizer (DaCapo)
    This book offers strategies on the latest forms of bullying, like cyber-bullying via instant message and networking sites. With anecdotes throughout, the book also teaches how to successfully approach another parent or a school about bullying.
  • Bullying and Me, Schoolyard Stories
    Ouisie Shapiro (Albert Whitman and Company)
    Thirteen young people representing a variety of ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds tell about their experiences. Shapiro retells their stories of not only the act of bullying itself, but also the steps they took to deal with it and the effects it had on their lives.
  • Still Dancing
    Gabrielle Ford (Gabe and Izzy Publishing)
    This book is a rallying cry for recognizing bullying’s lifelong impact. Gabrielle Ford suffered bullies’ torments for years while facing a devastating illness. One special love pulled her out of her depression and isolation
  • Bystander
    James Preller (Feiwel & Friends)
    A young adult novel that tells teenagers all they need to know about bullies and how they can handle them best.
  • Bullycide in America: Moms Speak Out!
    Brenda High (JBS Publishing, Inc.)
    In this book, mothers of victims of bullying discuss their experiences and observations about the connection between bullying and suicide in American schools.
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