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Cocurricular Activities

Cocurricular Activities

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  • Documents

    • Partnerships That Build Understanding - HS Edition
      Doing cocurricular activities together helps students with and without disabilities build friendships and understanding.
      by James R. Frasier
    • Joining Forces - ML Edition
      After-school activities coordinated with in-school goals can increase students’ background knowledge and involve parents and the community.
      By Danette Parsley and Sarah LaBounty
    • Building Leadership Capacity in Students
      The importance of genuine student leadership—student-led, research-based decisions that affect curricula rather than just after-school activities—should not be underestimated.
      By Keith Neigel
    • As I See It
      The value of cocurricular activities
      By Edward J. Klesse and Jan A. D'Onofrio
    • Student Activities Snapshot
      Most schools have embraced a cocurricular, rather than extracurricular, model of student activities, but principals still must emphasize the importance of student activities in their schools.
      By Marsha Hirsch (ML edition)