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Cocurricular Activities

Cocurricular Activities

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  • Documents

    • Safety Tips for Principals
      A Safety Plan for Extracurricular Events
      By Judy Brunner and Dennis Lewis
    • Partnerships That Build Understanding - HS Edition
      Doing cocurricular activities together helps students with and without disabilities build friendships and understanding.
      by James R. Frasier
    • Joining Forces - ML Edition
      After-school activities coordinated with in-school goals can increase students’ background knowledge and involve parents and the community.
      By Danette Parsley and Sarah LaBounty
    • Building Leadership Capacity in Students
      The importance of genuine student leadership—student-led, research-based decisions that affect curricula rather than just after-school activities—should not be underestimated.
      By Keith Neigel
    • As I See It
      The value of cocurricular activities
      By Edward J. Klesse and Jan A. D'Onofrio
    • Student Activities Snapshot
      Most schools have embraced a cocurricular, rather than extracurricular, model of student activities, but principals still must emphasize the importance of student activities in their schools.
      By Marsha Hirsch (ML edition)
    • Legal Dimensions of School Activities
      What are principals legal responsibilities with regard to cocurricular activities and how can they protect themselves, their staffs, and their schools from litigation.
      By Steve Permuth and Rachel S. Permuth
    • Suggested Activities for Leadership Groups
      Successfully working with middle level students calls for creativity, enthusiasm, and a constant variety of new ideas.
    Holiday Special