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NASSP Board Position Statements

NASSP Board Position Statements

NASSP and its board take various positions on education issues that concern principals and students. View the following position statements and policies (in alphabetical order below) to learn more about how NASSP is working to promote school improvement.

A position statement reflects NASSP’s values in relation to a particular education issue and translates those values into specific recommendations for school leaders and policymakers at various levels.

NASSP Statement of Values
November 9, 2002


The NASSP Board of Directors has stated its intent to adopt the following position statements:

Following a 30-day public comment period, the Board will vote to approve the position statement at its next meeting in February 2016. Should you have any comments or suggestions, please submit them to Amanda Karhuse at karhusea@nassp.org by Monday, December 7.


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