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Resources for Breaking Ranks at the High School

Resources for Breaking Ranks at the High School

Satisfaction Survey – How Well Does Your School Serve Each Student 

This survey can be used to generate conversations about how well the school is currently meeting the needs of each student.

Importance vs. Practice Survey

This survey asks respondents to reflect on how their school is implementing the recommendations found in Breaking Ranks II and indicate their level of satisfaction with the implementation of the practice.

Academic Rigor and Support

This instrument can be used to compare the respondents’ perceptions of the importance of academically rigorous practices and support with the level of implementation existing in the school.

21st Century School Leadership Skills

This instrument provides school leaders with information about their strengths and improvement needs in 10 skill dimensions essential for successful leadership. It can also be used with colleagues to provide their perception of your skills.

Pathways to College Network

This alliance of national organization and funders is committed to advancing college access and success for underserved students. In collaboration with NASSP and others, Pathways has developed the College Readiness for All Toolbox to help schools prepare more low-income and minority students for postsecondary education.

The National High School Alliance

NASSP was a founding member of this partnership of 50 organizations sharing a common commitment to promoting the excellence, equity and development of high school-age youth.

The Center for Secondary School Redesign (CSSR)

NASSP has worked closely with CSSR in the development of many of the Breaking Ranks materials. The resources and technical assistance CSSR provides is based heavily on the Breaking Ranks framework.

The International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE)

NASSP and the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) have partnered together in order to combine each organization’s unique strengths to create a shared vision for empowering school leaders to improve student performance.


  • Satisfaction Survey - How Well Does Your School Serve Each Student? (PDF)
    Individuals or groups of individuals from the school community complete this instrument to generate conversation about how well a school is currently meeting the needs of all its students. It is based on the 9 questions posed in Breaking Ranks II. The instrument also provides the school with data that indicate the level of knowledge the school community has about the school’s effectiveness, the level of satisfaction among members of the school community regarding that perceived effectiveness
  • BRII Recommendations: Importance vs. Practice (PDF)
    This multifunction instrument generates reflection and conversation among members of a school community about the relationships between what they believe to be important in the Breaking Ranks II recommendations and the actual practices of the school in carrying out the recommendations. Data generated by the instrument are used to assist the school in planning first or next steps in breaking ranks for improved student success.
  • Academic Rigor and Support Self-Assessment (PDF)
    This instrument is an adaptation of one from the Pathways to College Network. It promotes conversation about the characteristics of academic rigor, the systems for supporting students in a rigorous environment, and the current status of these things in a school. The instrument gathers data that assess the perceived importance of specific characteristics that promote academic rigor and the current practices of the school in the same characteristics.
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