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Breaking Ranks in the Middle Training

<i>Breaking Ranks in the Middle</i> Training

Breaking Ranks in the Middle training aims to build additional leadership capacity in middle level school leaders and their teams taking the challenge of middle school reform. The training offers participants the tools and strategies to address and deal with the unique challenges facing middle level leadership including personalization, advisories, teaming, transition from elementary and transition to high school, use of data and other critical topics. The training program’s design includes an interactive format for small and large group discussions, problem-solving assignments, as well as analysis and reflections necessary for meaningful comprehension and learning. The ultimate goal of this training program is to facilitate reform efforts by school leadership teams for the improvement of student learning and development of successful schools.

For more information please contact Anne Knudsen at 800-253-7746 ext. 330, or knudsena@nassp.org.


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