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American Citizenship Award

American Citizenship Award

American Citizenship Award

NASSP and NAESP proudly present the American Citizenship Award Program. The award honors any student in elementary, middle, or high school who has shown by their words and actions that they possess the qualities and characteristics we hope to instill in all our students.

Too often, disruptive students command attention while the students who follow the rules and conduct themselves appropriately go unnoticed. The American Citizenship Award is designed to recognize the students that consistently exhibit the kinds of behaviors we want to see displayed in our schools and in our communities.

We all want students who are always prepared in class, have their homework finished on time, and volunteer whenever volunteers are needed. We want students who are ready to help others, always play fair, and treat everyone with respect; students who exemplify the desirable behaviors we all want to encourage.

Honoring model students with this award will inspire and encourage other students to strive to be better citizens. The American Citizenship Award can be thought of as recognition by the principal that "I caught you doing something GOOD!"

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