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NASSP Professional Liability Insurance Policy

NASSP Professional Liability Insurance Policy

The NASSP Professional Liability Insurance Policy affords members peace of mind. The insurance policy provides up to $1 million in professional liability coverage for claims filed against eligible members of NASSP. For increased coverage over $1 million, please visit Forrest T. Jones & Co.

Under the NASSP plan, the Savers Insurance Company, will assign and defend civil suits in which you are named in your capacity as a principal or school administrator. They will pay eligible expenses (other than cost of lost earnings) and judgment amounts that do not exceed the limit of the policy. Additionally, members, who in defending themselves in a criminal action arising from acts occurring in their professional capacity as principals, may receive reimbursement for legal expenses (not more than $14,500) provided that the member is exonerated of all charges. There are no payable premiums required by members or their schools for this plan.

You may qualify for the insurance coverage if you are sued in your professional capacity as a principal and if you are a member of the NASSP at the time the incident occurred and at the time that the claim is made. Therefore, your continued membership in the NASSP is required.

Additionally, it is important to note that coverage will not extend to the following circumstances:

  • Claims arising out of the use, operation, maintenance of any vehicle (including buses and vans), aircraft and watercraft;
  • Where member is acting as an independent consultant, or school board member;
  • Where the injury arises out of a contract between the member, not including the member's professional employment contract as a principal;
  • Incidents where it is found that member acted fraudulently, with malicious purpose or intent or with deliberate indifference resulting in foreseeable physical or mental harm.
  • Claims filed by other NASSP members against you;
  • Imposition of fines, penalties, exemplary or punitive damages;
  • Criminal matters.

This list is not exhaustive, but represents the more common exclusions upon which claims may be denied.

To start a claim for reimbursement of legal expenses covered by NASSP Legal Fee Reimbursement Program, contact NASSP's Legal Benefits Program Administrators at Forrest T. Jones & Company by:

Calling: 800-821-7303, ext. 1123
Writing to: NASSP Legal Benefits Program Administrator,
c/o Forrest T. Jones & Co., Property & Casualty Department,
P.O. Box 418131,
Kansas City, MO 64141-9131
Faxing information to: 816-968-0600.

Please identify yourself as an NASSP member and indicate that you may need assistance under NASSP's Legal Benefits Program.

For members who would like to increase coverage over $1 million, you may do so by visiting Forrest T. Jones & Co. or by calling 800-821-7303 ext. 537. You can also visit Forrest T. Jones & Co for complete policy details.


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