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Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

Each Assistant Principal of the Year candidate will demonstrate success in the following areas:

Collaborative Leadership

  • Involves teachers, staff members, parents, students, and the community in achieving the goals of the school and district
  • Provides direction or focus to achieve the school’s goals as a member of the school’s leadership team
  • Models continuous professional growth
  • Teaches, coaches, and assists others in professional development that focuses on student learning
  • Balances management tasks with instructional leadership tasks
  • Utilizes available technology tools for school management and operation fostering collaboration and communication to effectively solve problems within the school community.

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

  • Improves teaching and learning by implementing programs and improvement efforts
  • Observes, supervises, and evaluates teachers and instructional programs to maximize the learning opportunities for every student
  • Analyzes multiple sources of data to improve instructional practices and outcomes
  • Demonstrates knowledge of learning, teaching, research, and programs that maximize student performance
  • Facilitates in developing and maintaining cocurricular programs that complement the curriculum while fostering students’ academic success
  • Contributes to make certain all students have access to challenging courses and support mechanisms
  • Leads in the use of available technology for management and delivery of instruction as well as the advancement of adaptation of learning, invention, and creativity.


  • Assists in establishing and maintaining a positive school climate that reflects high student and staff morale
  • Interacts professionally and tactfully with others
  • Assists in creating structures that enable teachers to develop an appreciation for each student’s abilities
  • Acknowledges achievement or accomplishments of students and teachers
  • Communicates effectively orally and in writing
  • Models values, beliefs, and attitudes that inspire others to higher levels of performance
  • Assists in developing and maintaining dialogue with representatives of diverse community groups
  • Leads in the use of available technology to meet the unique learning needs of each student.



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