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Parent/Family Involvement

Parent/Family Involvement

The items below are the most popular NASSP resources on parent/family involvement. Most articles require NASSP member login. (Not a member? Join now.)

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    • Latino Communities and Schools: Tapping Assets for Student Success - HS Edition
      Empowering parents and valuing their input encourages their participation and leads to school success.
      By Patricia L. Guerra and Leonard A. Valverde
    • Welcoming Latino Parents as Partners
      A proactive approach to involving Latino parents in their children's education can have a profound impact.
      By Amy Aparicio Clark and Amanda Dorris
    • Involving Parents, Motivating Students
      Not all learning happens in school; some takes place at home. To ensure that students are motivated to learn at home, educators must involve parents.(ML edition)
      By Camille Dominguez
    • In a Million Words or Less
      A request that parents write about their children in a million words or less is a simple, sincere gesture that benefits everyone.(ML edition)
      By Deborah Du Four Bova
    • Parents and Secondary Schools
      Parents reveal how they feel about becoming involved when their child enters secondary school. Their responses may help you understand your parent participation.(HS edition)
      By Leonard Leon
    • Join the Literacy Club
      Getting students, teachers, and the entire community to read the same books at the same time has its challenges--but many more rewards.
      By Alyce Hunter
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