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    • Ranking of States by Per-Pupil Spending, 2004-05
      This table from the U.S. Census Bureau Report, Public Education Finances, 2005, ranks the states by per-pupil spending.
    • Using ARRA Funds to Drive School Reform and Improvement
      A U.S. Department of Education document released on April 24 outlining ways schools and districts can use funds allocated under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to drive school reform and improvement.
    • School Attendance and the District Budget
      A district undergoes a voluntary attendance audit and finds that it's eligible for $1 million in additional state funding. From Practical Matters.
      By Julie Joubert-Guillory
    • The Funding Challenge
      Business involvement in schools is not new, but some people are concerned about the commercialism inherent in many partnerships. New guidelines help schools gain resources without selling out. By Jay T. Engeln and The Council for Corporate and School Partnerships
    • From Equity to Adequacy
      States are coming under more pressure to find the funds to teach all students to high standards. As noted school funding expert Allan Odden explains, our thinking about school funding is continuing to evolve to match the standards mandate—and principals play an important role is deciding how much is enough and where the money goes. By Bob Farrace
    • The Milking Stool Funding Plan
      Ensure steady funding for your school by relying on three separate sources: taxes, grants, and a fundraising foundation.
      By Gary Lee Frye
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