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BR Field Guide Tools


  • School Culture Evaluation Exercise
    An accurate depiction of your culture will provide you with a sense of the level of effort and time it will take to implement your proposed change goal. This document prompts you to consider a list of cultural elements that characterize school philosophies and practices.
  • General Questions for Your Team to Consider That Might Require Data
    This tool from Breaking Ranks: A Field Guide for Leading Change will help you review data more carefully and systematically for decision making. (p. 56)
  • BR Team Staffing Protocol
    This tool can be used by the principal or leadership team to do the initial staffing of the team and/or by the BR team to ensure that the team has appropriate stakeholder representation and the appropriate people on subteams. (p. 57)
  • Interview or Focus Group Protocol
    This tool provides you with a qualitative data-gathering strategy for obtaining information from individuals or groups. It is intended to foster conversation rather than to be used like a survey with content-specific items. (pp. 62-63)
  • Solutions Options Generation
    This matrix ensures that you are aware of all the options available to you for communicating with stakeholders and provides the basis for a plan for generating approaches. (p. 80)
  • Site Visit Report Elements
    This document provides a framework for your site visit. When you have identified the type of information you are seeking, send the list to the schools you are visiting. They will appreciate it and be more prepared to give you what you need while you are there. (p. 81)
  • Change Leadership Success Factor Checklist
    This tool is used to measure the effectiveness of your overall management of the change process and should be used on a regular basis to check on progress. (pp. 92-93)
  • Commitment to Change: Motivation Checklist
    This tool will help assess the degree to which your stakeholders have bought into and will be motivated to support your goals and provide the BR team with a perspective of what type and how much communication and buy-in work is required for project success. (pp. 94-95)
  • Importance vs. Practice: BR Recommendations Survey
    This tool can be given to any key stakeholder and is used to assess readiness and to generate buy-in. (pp. 96-98)
  • Goal Status Questionnaire
    This questionnaire is designed to provide feedback on how effectively the goal was established, how well the case for change was built, and how ready the team is to implement the changes. (p. 99)
  • Role Change Worksheet
    This tool ensures that role changes are recognized and addressed appropriately, and helps identify what no longer should be done as well as what is new to the role or position. (pp. 100-101)
  • Leadership Capacity Questionnaire
    This questionnaire provides a look at leadership practices that support change, regardless of the nature of the change. (pp. 102-03)
  • High Level Implementation Plan Tool
    This plan is completed by the BR team or a broader team of stakeholders and provides the basis for a more detailed implementation plan to be completed by a small subteam or an individual. It captures the major steps of the implementation process and identifies the time frame for initiation and completion. (p. 112)
  • Detailed Implementation Plan
    This planning template contains all the elements necessary to ensure that nothing important falls through the cracks and comes up to bite the project later. (p. 113)
  • Communication and Buy-In Planning Checklist
    This practical checklist highlights key stakeholders whose buy-in is typically required to make change happen more smoothly. (p. 114)
  • Communication Planning Matrix
    This matrix ensures that you are aware of all the options available to you for communicating with various stakeholders and provides the basis for a plan for generating approaches. (p. 115)
  • Milestone Tracking Worksheet
    Milestones for major change activities were created as part of your implementation plan. This worksheet is a tool to track milestone accomplishment and to note when adjustments are required. Consider posting this worksheet on the wall in the communication center. (p. 124)
  • Change Activity Impact Worksheet
    This worksheet is a tool for assessing and summarizing the level of proficiency of new activity and practice implementation and the impact on target stakeholders. Instructions. (p. 125)
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