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    • Designing Comprehensive Transitions
      When students start thinking about their next year in school, they often feel anxious and even afraid. But when students are in a transition grade, these feelings of anxiety reach new heights and are especially prevalent among students who are in their final year of middle level school and anticipating their first year in high school.
      By P. Lena Morgan and C. Jay Hertzog
    • Leadership Education: Bridge to the Middle Level
      Programs that focus on leadership skills, team building, and conflict resolution combine to create a strong transition program at Andrew W. Mellon Middle School.
      By Kevin Lordon and Silva Sapone (ML edition)
    • Easing Transitions with Social-Emotional Learning
      Among the many passages students experience during their school years, few are more difficult than their transitions from elementary to middle level to high school.
      By Maurice J. Elias
    • For Freshman Only
      A freshman transition program prepares students for a new school and involves upperclassmen as volunteers. (ML edition)
      By Joseph E. Haviland
    • Horizontal Transitions: A Commonly Overlooked Opportunity for Student Empowerment - HS Edition
      A protocol for alternative placement eases the transition for students and teachers.
      By Anne Young
    • Welcome to Clipper Camp!
      Students get a boost into the middle level from a transition program that eases anxieties as it familiarizes students with their new school, teachers, and classmates.
      By Edward W. Holler with Paula Sasin, Karen Fahringer, and Eyvette Jones
    • Operation Jumpstart
      A transition program for students entering middle school helps students who have special needs or are at risk adjust to new expectations and experiences and be ready to learn from the first day of school.
      By Cher Jones (ML edition)
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