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Principal Leadership Sample Issue

<em>Principal Leadership</em> Sample Issue


Breaking Ranks in Action: Students First
The 2010 MetLife Foundation-NASSP Breakthrough Schools celebrate achievements through the implementation of Breaking Ranks reform philosophies.
By Marlene Hartzman and Dianne Mero

Mind-Sets and Equitable Education
Students and teachers are affected by their beliefs about whether intelligence can be developed.
By Carol S. Dweck
(Discussion guide available)


Brentwood High School: A School of Hope
Track a five-year journey from "in need of improvement" to award winning.
(Discussion guide available)

Personal Power and the Common Good
In an urban setting, opportunities to empower students abound.
By Jon Schmidt and Jerryelyn L. Jones
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From Breaking Ranks in Practice
Aligning Professional Development With School Needs
Collegial coaching allows educators to experience on-the-job feedback to improve their practices.
By Peter Reed
From Tech Tips
Economy Bad? Great Time for Technology

Updating all your computers may not be in the budget in the foreseeable future, but that fact can spur reflection on how to better use the equipment you have.
By Betsy Price
From Cases in Point
Misplaced Blame?
Schools have a responsibility to act on foreseeable harm when a student exhibits suicidal behavior.
By Kelley R. Taylor, Esq.
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