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Bullying Prevention

Bullying Prevention

Facing History's Guide to the Film BULLY: Fostering Empathy and Action in Schools helps adult and student audiences confront the stories in this film and explore the meaning for their schools and their wider communities.

NASSP Bullying Prevention Resources

Bullying is one of the toughest issues facing students today. As a leader in the education community, NASSP is working to prevent bullying by providing school leaders, administrators, parents and students with the resources they need to help put a stop to bullying in their schools once and for all.

What is Bullying?
In order to foster productive discussions on the topic of bullying and craft effective policies to address it, we must share a common language. The Bullying Defined page provides school leaders, teachers and parents with links to a variety of websites that define and describe the different forms of bullying in today's schools.

The threat of cyberbullying can be especially troubling for adults, who may not be as familiar with the technology and devices that are involved. Our Cyberbullying page offers links to websites specifically addressing this emerging and constantly evolving topic.

Getting Started
The NASSP Bullying Prevention Resources section has been compiled by staff members as a starting point for school leaders, parents and students seeking to learn more about this important topic and to begin addressing it in their schools.

Web Resources Print Resources
Media Resources Programs and Speakers

Successful Strategies
This section is designed to grow and evolve, and we welcome suggestions for new resources and examples of successful anti-bullying strategies you have implemented. Please email nhs@nhs.us or nasc@nasc.us with "Bullying Prevention" in the subject line.


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