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Bring Breaking Ranks Training to Your Site

Bring Breaking Ranks Framework Training to Your Site

NASSP can deliver the Breaking Ranks Framework training at your site. Depending on the audience, we will customize the training for K-8’s, middle level schools, high schools or a combination as needed. The most successful trainings include a leadership team from each school.

Pricing and Costs

Type of Training Materials
(per person)
Total honorarium per trainer Required number of trainers Required number of participants
Two-day $150 $3,000 2 30

The materials cost is in addition to the costs incurred by NASSP trainers such as actual travel, lodging, meals and honoraria.

Training Materials
Quantity discounts for training materials are available (see table below). Each participant will receive a binder and training materials, as well as copies of the following Breaking Ranks publications:

  • Breaking Ranks: The Comprehensive Framework for School Improvement
  • Breaking Ranks: A Field Guide for Leading Change and
  • 10 Skills for Successful School Leaders.

Purchase orders or credit card information must accompany all orders.

  Materials price per set**
1-60 sets 61-89 sets 90 or more sets
Two-day training $150 Contact NASSP for pricing details Contact NASSP for pricing details

**Prices do not include shipping and handling. Please allow 5-10 business days for delivery.

For more information, please contact Anne Knudsen at 800-253-7746 ext. 330, or knudsena@nassp.org.

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