Inspiration is the reason why, every year, I look forward to attending the NAESP conference. While at the conference, I have always wondered what it would be like to attend a leadership conference that included school leaders representing Pre-K through grade 12. I thought how great it would be to collaborate with colleagues who would lead our students on the next part of their educational journey. How great would it be to hear speakers and attend workshops about topics and issues that we all face as we lead in the 21st century? It would be eye-opening and inspiring to hear about the kinds of things students in secondary schools are learning and doing.


What is Inspiration?

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something. It creates and promotes:

  • Purpose
  • Action
  • Creativity
  • Progress
  • Gratitude

Inspiration is the reason I go to the conference. It reminds us of the importance of our work. When I am inspired, I feel I have received something of value and my mind is focused on what I admire and respect. Inspiration occurs without intention; It is spontaneous. It allows my thinking to transcend or rise above routine thinking and I become open to new possibilities. “What if” and “maybe” join the conversation and I strive to convey or actualize the new idea or vision that inspired me in the first place.

At the 2017 National Principals Conference, I look forward to being inspired and meeting inspired people. Inspired people are more open to new experiences and are absorbed in meaningful work. They see themselves as more creative and they tend to make and meet their goals. Inspired individuals have a strong drive to master their work, yet they are less competitive and more collaborative.

Inspiration is what happens at NAESP conferences and it is what will happen at the joint National Principals Conference in July. With so many programs, initiatives, and regulations influencing our choices and direction as leaders, it is easy to lose sight of the gift we have been given to educate children. Inspiration can remind us to listen—carefully—to our students and act on their behalf.

Come to inspire.

Come to be inspired.

What inspires you?

Elizabeth Halsey-Sproul has been an educational leader in New York for six years. She is currently the assistant principal at E.J. Russell Elementary School, a pre-K through grade 5 school in Pine Bush, NY. Halsey-Sproul has written for Principal magazine and is looking forward to being inspired at the 2017 National Principals Conference in July!

Looking to get inspired along with Elizabeth Halsey-Sproul? If so, be sure to register for the 2017 National Principals Conference, to be held July 9–11 in Philadelphia.

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