This holiday season, students from across the country are coming together to spread festive cheer through service! Get inspired by:

1. Sponsoring a season of service at your school and pairing up with community organizations. Sapulpa NHS is helping students warm up their hearts for service with a line-up of engaging events.

2. Bundling up and beautifying the outdoor halls (like Burroughs NJHS chapter has done) and spending some time cleaning up your campus community.

3. Honoring our veterans this holiday season by laying wreaths; Cove NHS students participate in this tradition every year.

4. Ensuring students are always ready to learn by creating a Student Supply Pantry, like the CSAS NJHS and NHS chapters have done.

5. Decking the school halls with positivity, just like Belzer Middle School’s NHS and NJHS chapters have done by hanging up positive affirmations.

6. Kicking off jolly festivities by volunteering at a tree lighting festival (the Lehman NHS chapter is having lots of fun spreading holiday cheer).

7. Celebrating with pets (host a Peppermint for Pups fundraiser like the Goshen NHS chapter did by raising money for your local animal shelter).

8. Spreading joy with toys for families in need (Bryan NJHS chapter).

9. Holding a blanket drive in your community. So the frost doesn’t nip at anyone’s nose, members of the Staley NHS chapter are making their own blankets together.

10. Remembering the glistening oceans this holiday season and raising money to take care of them (Jerlin NJHS chapter).

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