“The Diagnostic of Educational Leadership Practice seems like a much better way to gauge proficiency than a multiple-choice test, which is what my state currently uses to grant licenses to school administrators.”
“This experience allowed me to move outside of my small school lens. I was able to put myself in a variety of hypothetical situations and test my reactions.”
“I really liked the platform and would love if this replaced traditional assessments.”
“I have desired a tool that would allow me to ‘virtually’ manage a school so that I could learn new skills without having an adverse impact on my school. I have often said that new principals need a virtual simulated school to start so that they could learn to put theory into practice.”

This online platform, aligned with the Building Ranks™ framework, allows school leaders to demonstrate their practice and identify areas of strength and areas for growth. The data provided by the diagnostic offers a clear starting point for action planning and goal setting. The Diagnostic of Educational Leadership Practice will help you understand the school leader’s role in creating a high-performance culture and empowering the application of knowledge, skills, and a growth mindset in a global society.

Through 14 authentic situations, the diagnostic:

  • Can be used across the leadership continuum from preparation through mastery, perfectly suited for both current and aspiring principals and assistant principals
  • Assesses written and verbal responses to emails, observations, and voicemails to provide leadership strengths and areas for growthin the context of the Building Ranks domains—Building Culture and Leading Learning
  • Is administered in a user-friendly, online format and provides full-color visual displays of data results
  • Takes approximately six hours to complete, either in one sitting or several shorter ones to allow principals to manage their time
  • Offers a tutorial that can be viewed as many times as necessary to help participants familiarize themselves with the tool