Student councils, student governments, student senates—or leadership committees by any other name—have the power to completely transform a school’s environment. National Student Council (NatStuCo) membership shines a spotlight on the nation’s outstanding young leaders and takes student leadership and activism to the next level.

NatStuCo is also the gateway to countless resources, recognition programs, and events that help shape a student’s passion for leadership, including:

Sample NatStuCo Content

Read more about how NatStuCo amplifies student voice and supports civic responsibility in “Empowering Student Voice and Advocacy,” an article featured in NASSP’s quarterly Advise magazine. Get your free download now:

  • National Student Council Conference, an annual event where student councils across the country and beyond convene to engage in interactive leadership training
  • Distinguished Student Leader program, a rigorous skill- and knowledge-based program that identifies exemplary leaders at the high school level
  • Emerging Student Leader program, created specifically as a leadership development program for middle level students, recognizes those who have made significant strides in developing their skills as young leaders
  • National Council of Excellence program, which honors middle level and high school student councils that consistently provide quality leadership activities and service to their schools and communities