Leadership is a valuable skill that needs to be continually honed and encouraged. That’s why NASSP and its student leadership programs work together to provide ample opportunities for students around the country to collaborate with each other as they learn how to apply innovative leadership practices to their unique school communities.

Student and Adviser Conferences

NASSP is excited to announce a new event, Illuminate: Student Leadership Summit on Wellness. For the first time ever, we will convene school teams across the country to advance groundbreaking, student-led ideas for challenges that they identify related to wellbeing and mental health. Student leaders will leave feeling empowered and energized to enact real change in their school communities.

LEAD Conferences

LEAD Spark 2023 is the premier national conference for student leaders, and they’ll walk away with actionable practices to expand their leadership skills and make an even greater impact in their communities. This is our only LEAD conference next year, so make sure your student leaders don’t miss it!

National Student Council Conference

Student councils from around the country and beyond join together at the annual National Student Council Conference to practice their skills and expand their peer networks. With a new theme each year, students, advisers, and administrators learn how to harness the power of student leadership to increase the impact of their councils.

LeadYoung Forum: A Changemaking Conversation

View these on-demand webinars to hear a special conversation between a young adult and a social entrepreneur as they describe their changemaker journeys in their teenage years. Through reflection, this conversation explores the early steps they took to finding their power, advice for forming teams and practicing a new form of leadership, the supportive environment and allies they had, and the setbacks and challenges along the way. 

WATCH NOW: Recorded on August 26, 2020

WATCH NOW: Scheduled for October 7, 2020