NASSP brings school leaders, student program advisers, and students together across the country for conferences that offer unique opportunities for collaboration, professional learning, networking, leadership development, and so much more.

School Leader Conferences

The Ignite 2023: NASSP School Leader Conference is an unrivaled opportunity for school leaders to collaborate across all levels to mold the course of student success. From authentic peer-to-peer conversations, innovative learning opportunities, and access to world-class thought leaders, gain the resources needed to positively impact the lives of all students.

The NASSP Advocacy Conference provides principals with the opportunity to speak in a unified voice on Capitol Hill. You will also be equipped with knowledge that will allow you to return to your school as an influencer at the state and local level. The conference brings together state leaders, state coordinators, presidents-elect, state executive directors, state lobbyists, and other advocates.

Student and Adviser Conferences

NASSP is excited to announce a new event, Illuminate: Student Leadership Summit on Wellness. For the first time ever, we will convene school teams across the country to advance groundbreaking, student-led ideas for challenges that they identify related to wellbeing and mental health. Student leaders will leave feeling empowered and energized to enact real change in their school communities.

LEAD Spark 2023 is the premier national conference for student leaders, and they’ll walk away with actionable practices to expand their leadership skills and make an even greater impact in their communities. This is our only LEAD conference next year, so make sure your student leaders don’t miss it!