Leading Through Crisis: A Virtual Town Hall Series for School Leaders

The COVID-19 crisis is testing your leadership and the leadership of principals around the country in ways we never anticipated, calling on you to provide your community with extraordinary support under unprecedented conditions. That’s why we’re augmenting our offerings to include “Leading Through Crisis”, a virtual town hall series that will connect you with your colleagues to discuss your new reality during this critical situation.

Each session will be held at 3:00 p.m. (ET) on the date specified below.

  • March 26: Introduction—Special introduction to “Leading Through Crisis.” Learn more
  • March 31: Supporting Students, Families, and Staff—How can you see to the well-being of your students and their families while school is closed? Learn more
  • April 2: Communicating in Crisis—How can you maintain and strengthen your relationship to your community and keep their spirits up during uncertain times? Learn more
  • April 7: Leading Remote Learning—With a sudden shift to remote learning, how can a principal still provide instructional leadership? Learn more
  • April 9: Continuing the Life of the School—How do you sustain a culture and provide students closure, especially in the face of uncertainty and the cancellation of capstone events like prom and graduation? Learn more
  • April 14: Planning for Transition—How can you prepare now to limit the effects of an unusual school year ending and prepare for the start of a new school year? Learn more

We’re all learning as we go, so take advantage of these opportunities to learn in a collegial community, break your isolation, and pick up an idea or two.

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