Activity Guide

What does it take to truly be a counselor leader? This article discusses the commitment, courage, creativity, knowledge, and collaborative skills necessary to consistently provide services to students, parents, staff, and the community.



Pre-Discussion Preparation

  • Distribute the reading or the link prior to the discussion so that participants can read closely and highlight important passages that support and encourage improvement in instructional practices. This is an excellent activity for your leadership team, instructional or grade-level teams, or your faculty.
  • Set up a viewing station with an internet-enabled computer and screen for staff members who wish to view the webinar.

Discussion Process

  • As much as possible, ask participants to sit in instructional or grade-level teams, or with content-area groups. Those without a team or department may choose to sit with a team or group that has relevance to their content area.
  • Limit group size to eight to ten participants or smaller for best discussion participation. Begin the conversation with the Discussion Prompts.
  • Name one of the five characteristics of school counselor leaders. (Discussion Prompts, Part C)
  • Continue the conversation with the Discussion Prompts (Part D).
  • Use the Discussion Guide Planning Templates to document your plans.