NASSP invites sponsors of student contests and programs to apply for consideration of inclusion in the 2021-22 NASSP List of Approved Contests, Programs, and Activities for Students. All applications are reviewed by the NASSP National Committee on Student Contests, Programs, and Activities and those programs found to meet established committee standards will be approved for inclusion.

The committee has specific information pertaining to the following:

Application Procedures

Program sponsors should complete and submit online applications no later than February 1, 2021There is a $195 nonrefundable processing fee for each application submitted. Sponsors hosting multiple programs or contests that have different curricula, formats, or program goals must submit separate applications for each program to be evaluated. Application submission and credit card payment can be completed fully and securely online. Programs wishing to pay by check will be prompted to download a form at the time of submission. Programs paying by check will not be considered for committee review until payment has been confirmed by the NASSP Finance Office.

Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2021-2022 program list.

Why Seek NASSP’s Approval?

Today’s principals, parents, and students are seeking student programs and contests that can demonstrate a level of quality in terms of its educational value, its operation, and its financial management. NASSP serves it members and their students by publishing the NASSP List of Approved Contests, Programs, and Activities for Students, which evaluates and assesses programs to validate their legitimacy and educational value to students.