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  • National Principals Month Event on School Leadership, October 2018

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The Power of Student Voice Matters—Do You Listen? at National Principals Conference

It’s all about listening to what students have to say and empowering them to advocate for change in their schools, their local communities, and beyond. Expert school and student leaders will share their strategies for engaging students and ways to use NASSP’s Building Ranks and Raising Student Voice & Participation (RSVP)—a program of National Student Council. As an attendee, you will have an opportunity to share how you are working with students to lead learning and build culture in your own school.

To register for this event, visit the National Principals Conference website. 

Education And The Path to One Nation, Indivisible at National Principals Conference

Fifty years ago, in response to civil unrest that raged across the county, the Kerner Commission that was appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson issued a seminal report on racial division and disparities in the United States. In the report, the commission concluded that, “Our nation is moving toward two societies, one black, one white—separate and unequal.” Today, many of the same issues plague the country, and concerns over civil rights, racial division, and racial disparities are more pressing than ever. This session, co-hosted by the NASSP Policy & Advocacy Center and the Learning Policy Institute,
will bring together researchers, policymakers, and educators to discuss education as the foundation for change and what policy levers and practices are needed to eradicate racial inequities that have persisted in historically marginalized communities and that can improve educational opportunities for all students.

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The Role of Principals in Leading Equity Through Deeper Learning at National Principals Conference

K-12 education today is charged with developing new kinds of skills and competencies for the success of all students in college, career, and civic life. This interactive session offers a robust exploration of research and resources for school leaders interested in supporting equitable deeper learning strategies in their schools.

To register for this event, visit the National Principals Conference website. 

State of American Education Session at National Principals Conference

The fourth annual State of American Education will consist of a crossfire-style debate between two thought leaders in education policy who will discuss emerging issues in education reform at the national level. John Merrow, a well-known former education correspondent for “PBS News Hour,” will moderate the discussion and address hot topics such as changing student demographics, educational equity, teacher quality, private school vouchers, testing and accountability, and college and career readiness. This debate will expose attendees to an engaging and thought-provoking discussion while also providing them with an opportunity to ask difficult questions on these controversial issues.

To register for this event, visit the National Principals Conference website. 

Archived Events

NASSP Policy & Advocacy Center Congressional Briefing—Protecting Our Schools From Gun Violence

After one of the deadliest shootings in American history at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the need to improve school safety and protect our communities from gun violence has never been more urgent. In this event, the NASSP Policy & Advocacy Center brought school leaders who had experienced shootings and gun violence incidents in their schools to Capitol Hill to share their stories and offer policy recommendations to lawmakers. The event also featured remarks from Congressman Ted Deutch (D-FL) who represents Parkland, NASSP Executive Director JoAnn Bartoletti, and members of NASSP’s Student Leadership Advisory Committee.

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NASSP/ILA Congressional Briefing—Improving Student Literacy: Leadership Needed at Every Level

NASSP partnered with the International Literacy Association to host a congressional briefing on November 29, 2017, that focused on the importance of leadership to improve literacy instruction for students. Senator Christopher Coons (D-DE) provided remarks at the briefing along with NASSP Executive Director JoAnn Bartoletti, who advocated for Title II funding to improve professional development in literacy for educators.

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2017 National Principals Month Congressional Briefing

During National Principals Month, NASSP partnered with NAESP and AFSA to host a congressional briefing where a panel of principals informed members of Congress and their staffs about how states planned to use professional development dollars in their ESSA plans to support school leaders.

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