2019 Advocacy Conference Sessions

At the conference, these are some of the sessions where attendees will learn valuable skills from expert presenters:

Using Social Media to Influence Policy Makers

Social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, are some of the most powerful tools we have to directly influence policy priorities with legislators and also motivate friends, colleagues, and other educators to take action. This session will describe some of the best tips and tricks for building a following on social media and leveraging your online voice to influence the decisions of lawmakers.

Building Personal Advocacy Networks in Your State

The more voices we have speaking out on the issues that matter to school leaders and educators, the more impactful our message will be. This session will offer training, guidance, and best practices for building an email contact list, identifying and recruiting more potential advocates into your network, making connections with educators and education organizations in your state, and influencing other state and local governing bodies besides your state legislature and Congress.

Earned Media 101

Like social media, traditional press coverage of advocacy events and actions significantly amplifies the reach of our message to lawmakers and the community at large. In this session, learn from press and communications professionals the most effective ways to develop relationships with reporters, draft and distribute press releases, conduct effective interviews, and generate more earned media opportunities.

Empowering the Voice of Students in Advocacy

School leaders and educators know that empowering students and teaching them how to be engaged citizens is an important part of American secondary education. In this session, you’ll hear from principals and students who have led advocacy initiatives in their schools and communities, and learn how school leaders can create the space for students to advocate for the issues that matter to their generation.

Advocacy Conference

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