AP Week Activities: Parents, Teachers, and Students

How parents, teachers, and students can celebrate AP Week:

  • Write a thank you note for all your assistant principal does, with specific examples of how he/she has helped you.
  • Have your class, your child’s class, or the whole school write thank you letters to your assistant principal by distributing blank greeting cards with directions. The PTA could also initiate this activity.
  • Set up a banner somewhere clearly visible in the school where students, parents, and teachers can write notes of appreciation to the assistant principal. Or set up a table at lunch to do the same on thank you cards to be left in the assistant principal’s mailbox.
  • Provide a daily treat for your assistant principal during the entire week. For example, day one can be a hot breakfast, day two can be cupcakes, etc.
  • Create a photo scrapbook for the assistant principal with notes from the school community about why he/she is so valued.
  • Plant a tree on the school campus to honor the assistant principal.
  • Together with other parents and/or teachers in your school, buy space in the local paper to celebrate assistant principals’ everyday acts by listing some of the great things going on in the school.
  • Write letters to the superintendent showing support for your assistant principal. Use specific examples of things he/she has done to make the school successful.
  • Write letters to your federal legislators showing support for your assistant principal, using specific examples of things he/she has done to make the school successful. Your letters will help your legislators better understand the role of the assistant principal in a school’s success.
  • Hold a pep rally for your assistant principal. Students, parents, and teachers can perform songs, skits, and speeches to thank your assistant principal for the hard work he/she does every day.
  • Decorate your assistant principal’s door/office in a festive way to promote a sense of celebration.
  • Shadow your assistant principal for a day and then write a report to publish in the local school and community paper about what you learned and how difficult a job it is!
  • Read testimonies from students, parents, and teachers each week over the intercom.
  • Have the art, music, and theater classes do one small group project to honor your assistant principal.
  • Designate a day or the entire week when local businesses offer discounts just for assistant principals.
  • Get your local paper to secure a column to spotlight a local assistant principal with a profile and photograph.
  • Using your camera or smartphone, record activities your school is doing to celebrate your assistant principal and National Assistant Principals Week and share it on social media.