Most Recent Award Winners

2017 National Assistant Principal of the Year

Brad Curie

Brad Currie
Described as a "connector" by fellow faculty at his school, Brad Currie has a reputation for linking teachers… more

2017 Digital Principals of the Year

David Geurin

David Geurin
As a principal of 12 years, Geurin works to implement, promote, and monitor a shared technology-infused vision… more

Darren Ellwein

Darren Ellwein
Ellwein has been a principal for eight years, but has always had a passion for technology. He believes technology has transformational potential for growth in learning, for teachers and students… more

Nicholas Indeglio

Nicholas Indeglio
Downingtown Middle School (DMS) strives to create a digital synergy between students, teachers, parents, and the community thanks to Nicholas Indeglio. He believes the key to communicating a technology infused vision is establishing defined methods of communication through common technology platforms… more

2017 National Principal of the Year

Alan Tenreiro

Thomas J. Dodd
Innovative leadership involves breaking apart old ideas so new ones can emerge, using research to knock the system out of equilibrium, and seeking resourceful solutions. To align the Breaking Rankscore area components of curriculum, instruction, and assessment, Lesher moved away from the historical practice of averaging a collection of points on a traditional 100-point scale to arrive at an A-F grade (predicated on the bell curve) to authentically assessing student learning progress … more