Brad Currie

Black River Middle School
Chester, NJ

Described as a “connector” by fellow faculty at his school, Brad Currie has a reputation for linking teachers with educators across the globe and getting students tapped into the world via technology. He has accomplished this by co-founding and co-moderating #Satchat, a weekly Twitter discussion for current and emerging school leaders. Students at his school are engaged in an atmosphere with current and exciting STEM coursework, which is available because of Mr. Currie’s influence. Furthermore, administrators, teachers, and students alike have noted how much Mr. Currie has done to “promote a safe, supported, and well-supervised place for all children to work and grow.”

“Brad Currie’s commitment to making meaningful connections among faculty, students, and the community are part of what makes him a powerful multiplier of effective practice at his school and to other school leaders across the country.” NASSP Executive Director JoAnn Bartoletti remarked. “We are honored to recognize Brad and to hold him as a model of effective and visionary leadership.”