• Reassuring Your Community

    Our thoughts are with the students, staff, and communities of Fern High School in Louisville, KY and Abermarle (NC) High School, who suffered tragic shootings on Monday. NASSP school safety specialist Bill Bond, a former principal who endured a school shooting, has reached out to offer counsel and support. In the wake of tragedy, communities look to their principals for reassurance. Consider this guidance for supporting populations within your school during the next several days.

  • October 8: Free Webinar - Social Inclusion

    Connect with principals Steven Bebee and Bill Schreiber who have integrated and sustained social inclusion in their schools for a webinar led by Terry Pickeral, senior educational consultant with Special Olympics Project Unify, and Barbara Oswald, director of the Youth Initiatives Program. Join in the conversation as they share with you how to integrate and sustain social inclusion in your school. Register today!

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Since 1921, NASSP has been committed to the ongoing development of student leaders through its NHS, NJHS, NEHS and NASC student programs.

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