Building Ranks | K–12 | A Comprehensive Framework for Effective School Leaders

Building Ranks™

Build culture and lead learning in your school communities with NASSP’s educational leadership product suite.

Building Ranks is a critical tool that school districts can use to address hyper-change in education. It helps prepare principals for any challenge—all while meeting National Policy Board for Education Administration’s Professional Standards for Educational Leaders. And when school leaders are properly supported, they foster better learning environments that promote better staff retention and greater student achievement.

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The Building Ranks Product Suite consists of research-based publications, peer and community surveys, an in-depth online diagnostic, and workshops. These perception- and performance-based instruments work together to identify strengths and areas for growth in principals, giving district leaders an accurate view of the health of the leadership within their communities. 


Building Ranks can be used by school leaders across the career spectrum—from candidate to tenured principal. The framework ensures continued growth and focuses on a holistic approach to educational leadership, which leads to stronger principals who feel confident in their roles. 


Building Ranks is a practice-based framework developed by NASSP that is rooted in the two domains of Building Culture and Leading Learning. This framework, along with the corresponding product suite, guides school leaders in addressing specific areas for growth.

Executive Summary

Building Ranks™: A Comprehensive Framework for Effective School Leaders

This guide features profiles and connected case studies demonstrating effective principal practices. Read the Executive Summary to learn more.


WTRS Executive Preview

What the Research Shows: Building Ranks™ in Action

This collection of research validates the framework and supports the Building Culture and Leading Learning domains. Read the Executive Summary to learn more.


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