Building Ranks | K–12 | A Comprehensive Framework for Effective School Leaders

The 360º Survey

The 360º Survey collects anonymous feedback from your principals’ teachers, staff, and supervisors. It takes only about 20 minutes to complete and consists of question and comment sections that target both micro- and macro-level feedback. The responses are shared with you as the subscriber in your data dashboard, which puts the responses into context in relation to the Building Ranks framework. Using the data from the responses, you can begin to develop action plans that consider specific stakeholder groups in their learning community.

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The survey also:

  • Enables you to compare the perception of their leadership with their actual practice results from the online diagnostic
  • Gives you a clear vision of any relationship gaps so you can help your principal begin to strengthen their professional and personal relationships as a leader

District leaders can view data from the 360º Survey and compare it to diagnostic performance data.

Individual school leaders will receive a report of their specific survey feedback.
Click here for a sample.

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