NASSP and its board take various positions on education issues that concern middle level and high school principals and students. A position statement reflects NASSP’s values in relation to a particular education issue and translates those values into specific recommendations for school leaders and policymakers at various levels.

Over the summer, the House and Senate Appropriations Committees released their proposals for federal funding in Fiscal Year 2024, and there is dangerous news for our schools. The House bill proposes a shocking 28 percent overall cut to federal funding on education.

The PRN is a national network of current and former school leaders who have experienced gun violence tragedies in their buildings.

Whether you’re an aspiring school leader or a seasoned principal, NASSP offers a range of in-person and virtual events that will help take your leadership to the next level.

The Advocacy Champion of the Year Award annually recognizes an individual who has worked to elevate the voice and influence of school leaders in federal, state, and local policy and public discourse.

NASSP has curated resources that feature a wealth of valuable tools, including policy guides, research reports, position statements, webinars, and templates for engaging with policymakers. Whether one seeks to address issues related to equity, assessment, school climate, or leadership development, these advocacy resources serve as a valuable reference and support system, equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to create meaningful change in the educational landscape.