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    NASSP is the voice of middle level and high school principals and assistant principals.

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Student Leadership Programs

Since 1921, NASSP has been committed to the ongoing development of student leaders through its NHS, NJHS, NEHS, and NatStuCo programs.

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NASSP 2022 Annual Business Meeting

The NASSP 2022 Annual Business Meeting will be presided over by Gregg Wieczorek, President. All members are invited and encouraged to attend. You will need your NASSP Member ID # to register for this meeting.



Work2BeWell – Mental Health Webinar (Critical Conversations)

In the Work2BeWell Heart-to-Heart Critical Conversations module, students are provided with tools to be successful during difficult conversations. This module prepares students for heart-to-heart conversations with parents, peers, etc. prior to the conversations, and helps them navigate conversations when they don’t go so well.

NASSP provides our members with the professional research-based and peer-tested resources, and practical tools and materials they need to serve as visionary school leaders.

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