About William Mason High School
Location: Mason, OH
Setting: Suburban
Lunches: 7.5% free and reduced
Grades: 9–12
Size: 3,507 students, 174 staff

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Six Steps to Jump-Start Personalized Learning

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November 17, 2019, 9:00 p.m. (ET), #PrinLeaderChat


Education is going through changes in a number of ways. Whether it’s the resources we use or what is expected of students and teachers, change happens each day. One way we are changing teaching and learning at Mason High School is by making a concerted effort to personalize our instruction and create a culture of student-driven learning.
Viewers will be able to see and learn more about personalized learning, including:

  • What personalized learning looks like in different subject areas
  • How coaches and leaders can provide support for students and staff as they transform their teaching and learning
  • Examples of different resources to use for assisting with personalizing instruction