Reston, VA—NASSP Executive Director JoAnn Bartoletti issued the following statement on the Coronavirus Child Care and Education Relief Act:

The Coronavirus Child Care and Education Relief Act (CCCERA) is not a service just to schools. Stabilizing our schools will begin to stabilize our communities upended by COVID-19. Local communities desperately want their schools to reopen. But their own struggling economies can’t sustain schools even at pre-COVID levels, let alone absorb the costs of an emergency shift to blended learning, regular deep cleaning, and the intensive support services students will need to learn in pandemic conditions. There’s no way to make the math work without a massive infusion of federal funds. Senators Murray and Schumer recognize that urgency in CCCERA, which provides a crucial installment of that federal support and limits Betsy DeVos’s well-practiced ability to create confusion and controversy with those funds in service to the private education industry.


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