NASSP can deliver customized professional development in your state/district. We can develop workshops or other in-state initiatives tailored to the needs of your constituents. We’ve partnered with several states to develop customized workshops, giving them an opportunity to provide unparalleled development opportunities, backed by a national organization.

Some of our most successful partnerships have been the Assistant Principal Institutes, which target the improvement of key skills necessary for leadership success.

Our goal is to help your state build capacity for student learning. Here are a few ideas of programs that we can tailor to your needs:

Four Categories of Customizable PD

NASSP understands that every school is unique. That’s why we separate our professional development offerings into broad categories and let you choose the programs your school needs to reach its full potential.

  • Achievement: Common Core, teacher evaluations, principal and counselor connections, achievement gap, data-driven decision-making
  • Culture and Equity: school culture & climate, personalization, learning styles, support systems, enlisting parents, student voice
  • Leadership: collaborative leadership, mentoring and coaching, Breaking Ranks, innovation, enhancing teacher leadership
  • Technology: social media, classroom technology, transition training, 3.0 schools, staying connected