APweek23 Digital Toolkit


Join me in honoring assistant principals during National Assistant Principals Week, April 3-7! Special thank you to Assistant Principal [NAME] for your support of students and staff. #APweek23

It’s #APweek23, and I’m celebrating Assistant Principal [NAME] for doing amazing work at our school this year! Need ideas to celebrate your APs? Visit www.nassp.org/apweek

Happy National Assistant Principals Week! Thank you, [AP NAME], for all you do for us at [SCHOOL]. #APweek23


    I’m celebrating Assistant Principal [NAME] during AP Week, April 3-7! Celebrate your assistant principals: www.nassp.org/apweek #APweek23 @NASSP

    Excited to celebrate assistant principals during #APweek23, April 3-7! Join me: www.nassp.org/apweek. @NASSP

    Happy National Assistant Principals Week to [NAME]! Thank you for the work you do with students and staff! #APweek23

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