Building Ranks | K–12 | A Comprehensive Framework for Effective School Leaders

The Building Ranks™ Product Suite is a subscription-based integrated leadership experience offering online assessments, surveys, and tools for current and aspiring school leaders. As participants engage with the online experiences, the results help district leaders identify areas of strength and areas for growth based on the domains and dimensions of the Building Ranks framework.

The Building Ranks Product Suite is built on the Building Ranks framework, which focuses on two domains of effective leadership—Building Culture and Leading Learning. Those domains target 15 leadership dimensions, such as wellness, equity, relationships, innovation, collaborative leadership, and global-mindedness, to guide school leaders in tailoring their practices to their individual education settings.

Building Ranks Product Suite Pricing:

Subscription Fee: $2,400

This subscription fee gives you 12 months of access to the platform. The platform allows the district leader to assign participants for the product suite and view data across the participants. The subscription will need to be renewed annually to maintain access to participant data. Large school districts may wish to purchase multiple subscriptions in order to divide user data into separate views.

Per-User Fee: $700

Once the subscription is purchased, districts are then able to purchase access to the Building Ranks Product Suite on a per-user basis. This gives each user access to the product suite for 12 months. The suite includes:

  • Diagnostic of Educational Leadership Practice: The diagnostic simulates “a day in the life of a school leader” with 14 scenarios aligned with the Building Ranks framework. Through written and verbal responses to emails, observations, voicemails, and data, this tool identifies professional strengths and areas for growth.
  • 360º Survey: Users can take advantage of the 360º Survey to gain feedback from teachers, staff, and supervisors. The survey results provide detailed feedback aligned with the Building Ranks domains and dimensions.
  • School Culture Survey: Users can take advantage of the School Culture Survey to gain insight about the health of their school culture using feedback from their full learning community: students, teachers, noncertified staff, parents, and broader community members. The survey results provide detailed feedback aligned with the Building Ranks domains and dimensions.
  • Building Ranks™: A Comprehensive Framework for Effective School Leaders: This digital guide provides definitions, recommended strategies, practical examples, and resources to support principals in improving their practice.
  • What the Research Shows: Building Ranks™ in Action: This digital report provides an overview of the research literature related to school leadership and its vital role in school improvement efforts, and validates the Building Ranks framework.
  • Workshops (coming soon): A series of online workshops will be available in the Building Ranks Product Suite to guide users through the framework and dive deeper into the domains and dimensions.
To learn more about Building Ranks, watch our introductory video here.

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