Activity Guide

This activity gives you an opportunity to “meet and observe” the leadership skills and practices of the 2019 NASSP National Principal of the Year (POY). Gain a valuable inside look at an award-winning principal and his innovative and practical leadership strategies. In addition, you will use the Building Ranks™ dimensions to identify the strengths of your leadership team members and your team as a whole.




Distribute the link or copies of the reading to administrative, steering, and/or leadership team members. Use the discussion prompt in the second column to start a conversation with your team members to identify the effective and innovative strategies utilized by the 2019 POY in the reading. Continue the conversation in column three by analyzing how his philosophy and leadership skills might be successfully adapted for use at your school.

Extend and Apply

How do the creative and innovative strategies of the 2019 POY impact your beliefs and practices? First, review the “why” statements and definitions of the Building Ranks dimensions and ask team members to self-assess according to their strengths using the Individual Self-Assessment Templates. Compare the answers as a team using the Team Assessment Templates. Where are there gaps and overlaps in your team? Next, use the information you collected from the discussion prompt form. Consider the additional strategies and actions previously discussed. Using the Building Ranks Leadership Planning Template as a guide, give practical examples of how you and your administrative/leadership team might implement additional strategies and actions affecting culture and/or learning and opportunities for students and teachers at your school. Based on the strengths identified, which team members should lead which activities or actions? Review your goals and vision for alignment.

You may also want to consider using Discussion Guide Planning Templates A, B, and C to plan a comprehensive implementation of any new initiatives.