Whereas,Amateurism deregulation proposals presented by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) threaten the educational pillar of amateurism and may undermine support by the education community for education-based athletics;

Whereas, Allowing students to receive prize money and compensation for participation (“pay for play”) may enhance opportunities for gambling, “street agent” involvement, and illegal or unsanctioned recruitment activities by colleges and universities;

Whereas, Amateurism deregulation could persuade student-athletes to leave high school sports programs in favor of teams providing compensation, resulting in the deterioration and possible abandonment of high school sports programs;

Whereas, The NCAA proposals are in conflict with high school “pay for play” rules, thus forcing a student-athlete to make the choice between following high school or college rules;

Whereas, Compensation for sports participation may encourage students to leave high school sports programs for individual gain, thus creating a dichotomy among peers.

RESOLVED that the National Association of Secondary School Principals Board of Directors opposes the current NCAA effort to deregulate amateur athletic rules.

Adopted by the NASSP Board of Directors November 2, 2000