Galvanize Your Leadership With 2019 National Principals Conference Strands

Reinvigorate your practice with three full days of tailored education for K–12 school leaders like you. When school leaders convene for NPC19 in Boston, they will encounter programming centered around the following four strands: Building Culture, Promoting Wellness, Leading Learning, and Disrupting Business as Usual. Building Culture focuses on nurturing community stakeholders to develop and live shared norms, values, and beliefs in order to flourish in a safe, caring, and evolving school community. Promoting Wellness cultivates a culture of wellness for student and adult stakeholders to enhance community learning and productivity. Leading Learning empowers all stakeholders to affirm shared values and develop the skills and dispositions to grow and contribute productively in a global society. Finally, Disrupting Business as Usual promotes courageous leadership that inspires and engages students and adults as creative risk-takers to make compelling change and learn in our global society. For more information, visit

Principals to Converge on Capitol Hill in March

The 2019 NASSP Advocacy Conference is quickly approaching! This event, March 18–20, 2019, brings together education leaders, principals, and advocates from around the country to Washington, D.C. Attendees will learn valuable skills from expert presenters about using social media to influence policymakers, building personal advocacy networks in their state, generating earned media opportunities, empowering the voice of students in advocacy, and more. The conference is open to anyone willing to advocate on behalf of school leaders and the students they serve. Register by February 11 at

Forging Student Leaders

An effective student council can have an immensely positive impact on school culture. Help your advisers and student council members hone their leadership development by encouraging them to attend the annual National Student Council Conference. Hosted this year by South Fayette High School in McDonald, PA, June 24–26, the conference is a three-day motivational event that brings together middle level and high school student leaders and advisers from across the country. This year’s theme, Forging Student Leaders, is designed to light the fire within students, advisers, and administrators as they connect with their peers and discover new ways to enhance their leadership abilities. Advisers can save 50 percent with the code FEB19 when they register at through February 28.