Strengthen Your Educational Team

When principals and school counselors work together, students, parents, and the community benefit. And so do school counselors who experience increased job satisfaction as a result. Some keys to making such partnerships work: regular and reliable communication between principals and school counselors, as well as a shared understanding of clear professional roles, which can include establishing common ground on boundaries.

Blended Learning

Blended learning offers a way to help meet the challenges posed by the pandemic, including the need for students to take ownership of their learning.

  • It combines online learning and face-to-face instruction; classes meet two or three times a week, with students given flexibility in how to use the other days.
  • By allowing students more control over their learning, blended learning mirrors the schedules they’ll encounter in college and the workplace.
  • For students at one high school, it has led to stronger outcomes, including higher GPAs and ACT scores.

Tell Your Story or Someone Else Will

One Kansas principal has turned to podcasting to highlight the positive work of school leaders around his state and to share their insights on leadership. Called #ListenUp, the podcast celebrates great schools and their leaders, reminding us of two key ideas: 

  • Although school leaders can be humble, they have talent and wisdom that other educators want them to share.
  • By listening to the stories of peers and learning from their authentic conversations, school leaders create a community and sense of belonging.

Create Your Own Virtual Academy

Many schools are embracing the world of virtual learning. If you’re starting or expanding virtual options in your district, consider these steps:

  • Start by choosing an effective online curriculum.
  • Develop a scope and sequence, train staff, and monitor completion rates.
  • Communicate with families about the virtual option once you have a clear vision of your program.