Promoting a Positive Atmosphere in School

The American Psychological Association offers its science- and research-based perspective on how to promote a positive atmosphere in school through a five-part video series on classroom management. The series starts with a module that’s an introduction to management strategies. Subsequent modules cover the Multi-Tiered System of Supports, which focuses on prevention; Functional Behavioral Assessment, which assesses causes before interventions are applied; Dealing With Challenging Behavior, which includes intensive strategies for the few students with more difficult behaviors; and Classroom Management and Student Engagement in the Era of COVID-19, which addresses increased academic and social-emotional needs in the wake of the pandemic. Each video runs about 30 minutes. Watch the series at

NASSP’s Pathbreaking President-Elect

Next year, Raquel Martinez will become the first Latina president of NASSP. Education Week looks at Martinez’s background and how it has shaped her work culminating in a national leadership role. Martinez, the principal of Isaac Stevens Middle School in Pasco, WA, is the child of immigrant farmworkers, like many of her current students. “I can empathize with them,” Martinez told Education Week. “It hurts me when I hear my families’ stories about how hard they are working and how they are trying to provide for their children.” In the article, she shares how she uses her own experiences to connect with families and ensure that their language and culture are appreciated and celebrated. Read the full story at

Resources For Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the American Counseling Association (ACA) and Mental Health America (MHA) both offer resources to highlight the importance of mental health and wellness. The ACA notes that 1 in 5 people will experience mental illness during their lifetime, but everyone faces challenges that can affect their mental health. The ACA highlights its own resources for counselors and clients, as well as articles and resources from the Journal of Counseling & Development and Counseling Today. ACA’s slogan this year for Mental Health Month is #BeKindtoYourMind. MHA’s focus this year, with an accompanying toolkit, centers on how our physical surroundings (neighborhoods and built environments) affect the mental health of individuals and the broader community. Learn more at and

Only Good News

Every day since the beginning of the 2019–20 school year, Leesburg High School Principal Michael Randolph has posted a positive message on the school’s social media accounts. The posts highlight something positive from that day at the 1,600-student school in Leesburg, FL. Randolph calls it #180DaysOfJoy, and he posts about awards, accomplishments, struggles students have overcome, and much more. “I never leave my campus in a bad mood. I only leave my campus thinking about the best part of my day,” Randolph told K–12 Dive. “It really helped my mental health as well, because it doesn’t matter what happens during the day. Before I leave, I reflect on the best part of my day, and then I send that out.” Read the full article at