Whereas, standards of content and performance are recognized as measures of student and school achievement; and

Whereas, assessment measurements are aligned with learning goals and instructional strategies and curriculum; and

Whereas, principals are held accountable for the climate and achievement level of the schools they lead; and

Whereas, the school will assess the academic progress of students in a variety of ways so that a compilation of information reflects a student’s progress in moving through the school curriculum; and

Whereas, school leaders need to formally report to the entire community how the school performs relative to student achievement; and

Whereas, exit exams are administered to determine students’ mastery of defined standards of knowledge and performance levels.

Resolved by the Board of Directors of the National Association of Secondary School Principals that:

  • tests and assessments be used to improve student learning; and
  • school districts must provide resources to develop instructional strategies that actively engage all learners; and
  • schools be provided training for professional staff to interpret data accurately; and
  • curriculum and assessments support accountability by being aligned to the agreed upon local and state standards; and
  • multiple assessments, including performance assessments and portfolios, be included as valued forms of assessments; and
  • the provision of greater resources is needed for low socio-economic schools and students to afford them equal achievement opportunities; and
  • schools must disaggregate data and develop appropriate school improvement plans based upon that disaggregated data; and
  • schools work as partners with the news media to ensure the responsible reporting of test results and avoid non-productive school rankings; and
  • all schools provide an annual report to the entire community including data related to student and school performance.

Approved by the NASSP Board of Directors February 3, 2000, San Antonio, Texas