2018 National Principal of the Year

Dr. Akil E. Ross

Chapin High School
Chapin, SC

We define success as the ability to maximize a student’s potential–mind, body, and spirit. Schools shape our future and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our goal is to continuously improve school culture until all students are able to partner with the school to pursue their passion. As a former college football player, I learned how team performance is determine by the quality of that team’s culture and climate. Culture is what the team does (practices and procedures) and climate is how the team feels (spirit and motivation). As a result, we develop the rally cry, “We are a thousand passions with one heartbeat.” This rally cry reminds us of our responsibility to make our school and community proud by doing our best and helping others. We may by different in many ways, yet our ability to create an environment with love as the central theme is our greatest success.